Here are some benefits of video surveillance and compelling reasons why, if your business does not have a video surveillance security camera system, you need to consider it.

Aiding the Police

In the case that a burglary does occur, your professionally-installed security cameras will have recorded the incident in high-definition. Police can use these videos and images to capture the culprit, prevent future crimes and return your items.

Useful Criminal Evidence

CCTV camera footage is exceptionally important if a crime is committed either within your office premises or around it. Not only is the footage valuable to spot and find out the perpetrator of the crime, but also use the same in court as evidence. Often times, judges make entire decisions based on CCTV monitoring footage and convict the perpetrator based on that. Presence of CCTVs in your premise is therefore not only beneficial for your employees and your property, but also for the community.

Improved Perception of Concern for Customer Safety

The presence of a good security system including security cameras shows your customers that you care about their safety and security and can improve their overall perception of your business

Real-time Video Surveillance

One of the main business benefits of video surveillance is the real-time footage available as and when required for business owners. Such commercial video surveillance methods traditionally used to require you to hire an extra person to keep an eye on all real-time footage while remaining on premise. But today, with technological advancements, such monitoring can be easily conducted from a remote computer, mobile phones or tablets. It is even possible to view the real-time footage from separate cameras in a single window while ensuring all the cameras are recording the output.

Protect Yourself from Legal Action

Again, accidents are always a possibility in a workplace, even if it’s inside a quiet office. It’s inevitable that someone will get hurt, whether it’s an employee or customer. When it does, you want to make sure you’re covered so you’re not liable.

Should anyone try to take legal action against you wrongly, you can swiftly counter it with hard evidence from your surveillance systems.

This helps in cases where employees take legal action against one another as well. When you can provide them with video recordings, it can help their court proceedings go a lot quicker and smoother.

Monitor High-risk Areas

If you own a factory or deal with dangerous chemicals or goods, then you are bound to have several high-risk areas within your premises where human thoroughfare is extremely limited. At the same time, placing CCTV cameras within such locations not only cuts the risk of having someone physically watch over such dangerous areas, but also allow you to see the place in real-time. CCTV cameras can also be placed in accident-prone areas so that life-saving measures can immediately be put into effect in case of a mishap.