We have a wide range of CCTV camera models to cater for variety of security needs and situations. Our cameras have come in handy to help our clients in both fighting and preventing crime on their home and business premises. We aim to help our clients with the risk of burglary, vandalism as well as theft of data and personal belongings. CCTV cameras can be controlled either by someone within the premises from one central point or they can even be wireless simply recording everything that happens around the premises. We also always ensure that our CCTV cameras are regularly and properly inspected to avoid any lapse of important information and details or any form of default.


The threat of fire and theft is a constant worry for businesses and home owners. Our clients’ premises, fixed assets and confidential information are large investments whose damage or loss can cause major disruption. While the probability can never be determined, our high quality alarm systems are designed to detect and alarm in any emergency case. We have trouble free intruder alarm systems. In support of these systems we have well equipped back-up cars for fast response in distress cases.