An emergency is an unplanned event or incident, that can cause death or significant injury to anyone or that can shut down operations. Emergency management is the preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an emergency. As a security company, Arion (K) Ltd works toward ensuring that during this time, we provide the required response ASAP and restore the safety of the people and/or premises.


How do we do that you might ask,

  1. Our offices are open 24/7 as well as out hotline. This means that at any point and time there is an emergency at any of our sites, we are one call away.
  2. Our response team is always ready to take off in either the company’s motorbikes or cars as they guide and cooperate with the guards on site on how to control the incident.
  3. Our security guards are well trained and prepared for such times and are instructed on how to go about it before our team gets there.
  4. We have contact with the local police just in case it is one of those incidents where they need to come in and help us through it.
  5. We also have hospitals on speed dial in case of a medical emergency and someone needs to be rushed to the hospital.

Remember your safety comes first, and at Arion (K) Ltd, we protect you and what you value. No incident is limited and no task is too big for us. Choose Arion (K) Ltd for the best security services in the country.