As much as we want our clients to have satisfaction in the services that we provide to them, we also need our guards to be in the right state and environment to do so. This is why we orientate and train them on their roles, duties and responsibilities before they report to their posts. We believe that by doing so, we will make them familiar with our expectations once they start working and an overview of our values as a company.

We also give them the liberty to enquire and consult whenever they feel the need to.

We don’t just stop there, we go ahead and follow up on their performance expectedly and unexpectedly just to ensure that;

  • They are at their posts and alert,
  • Their interaction with our clients is positive,
  • They are maintaining communication with their coworkers especially when it comes to patrol schedules and shift turnovers.

When disagreements occur and toxic behaviors are observed, we take care of them immediately in the best ways we know how because there is no need to tolerate negativity at a place where professionalism is imperative.