Do you have lots of valuable equipment or stock?  Are your premises in a high risk area? Do you have lots of valuable stock? Are there dark areas in your premises?

Unfortunately for many businesses, security comes as an afterthought. It’s just one box to check off once everything “important” has been accomplished. Yet, paying attention to security could be one of the most important activities for your business. The difference between a successful business and a failed often comes down to the security system.

Equipment Used to Secure Commercial Property

Once you’ve created a solid security plan, you can begin to acquire and install appropriate security equipment.

Perimeter security.

Security starts at the far reaches of your property. Commercial security systems will include measures such as secure lighting, parking lot security, and possibly fencing.

Alarm systems.

 There are plenty of options here. For property management security, you’re usually best off choosing to work with a security company that can monitor your alarm systems and alert the authorities if there’s a security breach. You might also consider manually-activated alarms that you or an employee can activate in case of an incident.

Video surveillance.

 Video can be useful in both deterring criminals and in incident response. Here again, you have many options, from simple motion-detecting cameras to security companies that will send drones to your location to monitor activity.

 Information security.

 Even if your business isn’t primarily one that deals in intellectual property, chances are pretty good you’ve got some data on your computer systems that should be guarded.

Security guards.

Whether you’re a warehouse, a shop or an industrial building, it’s a daunting prospect trying to work out the best way to secure your property and the valuables inside. When you’re sorting out stock levels, customers, invoices, sales and marketing queries, partnerships, suppliers, and safety issues, the last thing on your mind is if you should be installing CCTV or if access control would be useful addition to your security armour.

Done right, commercial property security can protect your business from certain types of risk. Should a security system fail or somehow become bypassed by nefarious parties, a good security company will help you to assess the damage and bring your business back up to speed in no time.

Once you’ve thought about this, give us a call and we’d be delighted to offer you the best security solution for your business. Our highly vetted and trained security guards together with our Real-Time system will ensure that you and your assets are secure.