Biggest risks faced by businesses during off hours

Theft, Fires and Disasters Just because your business is closed doesn’t make it resistant to natural disasters. Even dormant operations are vulnerable to things like the ignition of chemicals in storage, electrical shorts in automated equipment, or a broken main. And therefore the damage might be worse than during the day because nobody is there […]

Steps to Develop an Effective Emergency Preparedness Plan

Train and Drill The best way to ensure that your plan survives the initial outbreak of any crisis is to train staff and perform regular drills. Seek out volunteers and assign responsible employees for tasks like leading department evacuations, confirming head counts, communicating with employees and management, monitoring public information, or securing certain property. When […]

Security Mistakes to Avoid At Your Gated Community

Here are some of security mistakes to avoid to protect both your residents and your reputation. No Direct Security Contact Provide a direct security contact to all residents at your community. This should be a contact that residents notify immediately when they see anything out of the ordinary. Without a direct security contact for your […]

Why Would You Hire a Security Guard?

They Keep Your Premises under Surveillance Security guards patrol your property, monitor security cameras, control room operations, respond to alarms and even operate a security gate. In this way, they can suspect the potential security threats and suppress them before they can pose a problem for your business. When a potential vandal knows that your […]

Responsible Security Guards

All the training in the world is of no use if there’s no motivation to do a job properly. A professional security guard should be observant, alert and be able to stay motivated even during quiet periods. Considering these important factors, where’s the best place to find the right security guard for your needs? A […]

Benefits of Hiring Security Guard

security is a top priority for diligent property managers, and there are a lot of options out there to get the job done. On-site security guards are typically employed by property owners and managers to be physically present during non-business hours, and often overnight. Security guards are great for those who need to have a […]