Security guards take on a variety of responsibilities depending upon the needs of our clients. We at Arion (K) Ltd, are more focused on;
• Corporate Events
• Residential Security
• Retail Security
• Mobile Patrols
• Temporary Security Personnel
• Construction Site Security
Before we deploy guards to their site of work, we ensure that we have trained and explained to them their responsibilities, priorities and control measures necessary. There are a few we mostly emphasize on among others and they include;

1.) Identifying Suspicious Behaviour
Guards need to be alert at all times because while our clients are busy working, criminals could be busy working too. Businesses benefit greatly from having a dedicated team keeping watch and identifying any and all irregular and suspicious movement and or behaviour in our clients’ site. Business owners cannot expect their employees to have the skills to identify when something isn’t right.

2.) Monitoring access to propertiesOur guards know that one of the most prevalent threats for residences, businesses and other client sites, is unauthorized access to a property. We urge them to be vigilant on the monitoring of anyone who goes in and out, to check their credentials and maintain logs for the same. This way, there is a back reference incase of any incidence.

3.) Taking action in emergency situationsSecurity guards have the skills and training to respond to any emergency as it arises. As a dedicated watchful eye, security personnel we are often the first to know about a security situation and the first to act. Therefore our guards are able to assist in evacuations and other serious security events as a team with their supervisors and the clients.

Taking all those things into consideration, we believe we are the best security givers and if given the opportunity, we will deliver the most satisfactory and efficient services you have ever seen. Choose Arion (K) Ltd for all your security needs.