Here are some of security mistakes to avoid to protect both your residents and your reputation.

  • No Direct Security Contact

Provide a direct security contact to all residents at your community. This should be a contact that residents notify immediately when they see anything out of the ordinary.

Without a direct security contact for your residents, intruders could be left to run free within your community for an extended period of time even after residents have noticed their presence.

  • Unsecured Entries

Simply putting a gate in place is not enough to secure an entry point. Sophisticated burglars can manipulate electronically controlled gates. If a gate is your only security protection, it might not hold up in some situations.

Secure every entry with a security officer and an access station to keep track of who’s going in and out.

  • Incomplete Visitor Logs

Even guests who are invited to your community by residents should have to sign in to visitor logs that are organized digitally with a visitor management system. The more comprehensive and complete visitor logs are at your community, the more secure your community will be.

Guests should be required to show an official form of identification when they sign visitor logs to ensure that you know who’s coming and going. Visitor log records should show not only the identification of guests, but also the time period during which they were in the community.

  • Occasional Absence of Security Officers

Prospective burglars spy on gated communities to look out for a security breach to exploit. You create a security breach when you allow for even a temporary absence of security officers at an access point.

Schedule security officer shifts properly to ensure that access points and security stations are never left unmanned by security personnel.

  • Unclear Allocation of Responsibilities

Your security staff members need to fully understand their responsibilities. Also, your residents need to understand their responsibilities when it comes to securing their properties. Lay out your security policy in detail. Imprecise allocation of responsibilities among staff and residents leads to security lapses.

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