Security being a major topic across the world, there is a lot of pressure to ensure that security guards are at their best performance. Hence, supervision of these guards is critical and one of the most difficult tasks a security company deal with.

Here at Arion (K) Ltd, our supervisors are always on their toes with their duties to oversee that our guards at all stations, follow the right rules in the course of duty.

Below are some of the duties and essence of having our supervisors:

  • Training

Our supervisors are in charge of training our guards before we send them off to their respective assignments, and ensure they are well equipped with the right skills and knowledge of what is expected of them.

  • Performance assessment

Our supervisors ensure that each and every guard’s performance is monitored and recorded according to the company’s policies. These reports help us in observing those that are working hard, those slacking and those that need to be taken back.

  • Emergency and Incident management

As one of the initial responsibilities of supervisors, ours are trained on how to respond and handle each situation and implement on the same by deploying all the necessary resources and taking fast and effective action when such occurs.

  • Patrols and check-ins

On a constant, our supervisors do random patrols and check ins on the guards just to see them at their natural work state and that they are doing what they were trained on.


Our Supervision sector is very competitive and effective at all costs. It is much easier to monitor the performance of supervisors with how the guards are performing overall, and so far so good.

Choose Arion (K) Ltd for all your security needs.