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Security guards take on a variety of responsibilities depending upon the needs of our clients. We at Arion (K) Ltd, are more focused on; • Corporate Events • Residential Security • Retail Security • Mobile Patrols • Temporary Security Personnel • Construction Site Security Before we deploy guards to their site of work, we ensure […]


We deliver one of the highest levels of customer services (if not the best), security services and solutions to all our clients countrywide. We only offer services where we are confident that we can supply suitably with our experienced and qualified personnel. Our response team has an extensive background and are able to do follow […]


As much as we want our clients to have satisfaction in the services that we provide to them, we also need our guards to be in the right state and environment to do so. This is why we orientate and train them on their roles, duties and responsibilities before they report to their posts. We […]


As your security service providers, we use this technique to limit the possibilities of everyone viewing or using our clients’ resources or information except for authorised persons. We practice this technique by performing a couple of daily routines such as supervising regular employees, regulating parcels, controlling visitors and contractors, keeping visitors’ registers, conducting searches and […]

Security Mistakes to Avoid At Your Gated Community

Here are some of security mistakes to avoid to protect both your residents and your reputation. No Direct Security Contact Provide a direct security contact to all residents at your community. This should be a contact that residents notify immediately when they see anything out of the ordinary. Without a direct security contact for your […]

Responsible Security Guards

All the training in the world is of no use if there’s no motivation to do a job properly. A professional security guard should be observant, alert and be able to stay motivated even during quiet periods. Considering these important factors, where’s the best place to find the right security guard for your needs? A […]