We believe that the services our clients get is mostly dependent on how we select our guards and how we train instilling within them the traits that are required for them to be efficient.

Below are some of the traits and qualities our guards portray on site:

  • Assertiveness – They should be direct, honest and possess the capacity to deal with difficult people and situations.
  • They should exhibit common sense in routine and emergency situations where they are able to follow their instincts when something or someone looks suspicious.
  • They should possess good decision making skills and be able to decide whether or not a situation poses a threat.
  • They should be able to take command and manage people with the utmost respect and stand firm to the principles.
  • They should be able to work well under pressure with a clear head and calm approach regardless of how the situation is.
  • They should proactively approach a threat without fear but at the same time do it with all necessary precaution.

This goes to show that we take our guards through the required amount of training in order for them to be of good service to the clients. You too deserve these kinds of guards and you can get them and these services from us at Arion(K)Ltd.